Thursday, 3 November 2016

MapTool - Virtual Table Top Software

In my last video I showed how to create a dungeon map using Campaign Cartographer 3+. Watch it here

Creating a map is great. But how do you go about using it at the table?

This video runs through an application called MapTool. It's a VTT solution that works great for those of us using VTT software at the table. Alot of people love Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds, which are both amazing applications, but I had a few requirements I needed met, and MapTool met them all.

My Requirements:
Offline (my internet connection was dodgy in my game room)
Ability to control the player screen from the DM screen (Server and Client)
Free if possible
Ability to control Fog of War

Examples of what it looks like displayed on the actual table.

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