Sunday, 16 October 2016

Upgrading the Projector Setup

I finally got sick of the huge mirror cutting my game room in half. It worked well to bounce the projector image onto the table, it certainly made a large output, but it made the room feel cramped.

Here's what the old mirror looked like. It was ugly and made the room feel cramped!

The projector was mounted to the roof, aimed at the huge mirror which beamed the image onto the table. It created a massive image which spanned 2x trestle tables which was great but ultimately the picture was weak and the keystone correction was completely off.

So i set about trying to replace the huge mirror with something more suitable that would be mounted to the roof.

I went down to our local scrap-yard and scored a huge win. A huge piece of First Surface Mirror just sitting there begging to be brought home. It was a full body length piece! I couldn't believe my luck when the lady at the front only charged me $7 for the whole thing!

I purchased a glass cutter to get it to a better size and mounted it to some wood with liquid nails. Added a hinge and mounted into to the roof.

The result have been a significant improvement. The image in clearer and brighter. The image beams straight down to there is very little shadowing beneath the models now and the keystone correction is now perfect.

Testing the positioning for the mirror. 

Mirror installed, playing around with the angle.

Happy with the position and angle and gave the mirror a clean.
The town of Red Larch beaming to the table. 

Temple of the Crushing Wave with Fog of War. 

I had to remove the original lights to make room to mount the mirror. I went with this spider like light system allowing me to install a light behind each side of the table. Also in the process of getting a dimmer switch installed to allow greater visibility of the table while still enabling light. 

A shot of my game room in all it's messy glory. You can see the table projection working and the extra monitor above my DM station. I use this to display monsters, npcs and handouts from Realm Works to my players. 

A closer shot of the setup as the players see it.
The view from my DM station. 

Overall both myself and my players are much happier with this setup. Well worth the investment.

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