Sunday, 7 February 2016

Tutorial: Watch Tower

I didn't make in-progress shots of this build but I wanted to post it here so you can see what's possible with the amazing mold from Hirst Arts.

I have made this largely using Wooden Plank Mold #220. I have also used pieces from Inn Building Accessories Mold #57, Cavern Floor Mold #281 and Cavern Floor Accessories #282.

I started by making a 5x5 base out of the cavern floor pieces.

Then i made the platform following the Hirst Arts Gallows/Guillotine Tutorial. Be sure to glue this onto the back of some cereal box to added strength.

Take 10 3/8" x 3" pieces from Wooden Plank Mold #220. Glue on to the back of another. Repeat this four times. These will be the tower legs and support beams.

Create the support legs by gluing a beam in between two legs in the pattern of a H. Do this twice. You want to measure this against your platform however and ensure the middle bracket is the correct width for your legs to line up with the platform. You can sand the bracket down with sand-paper to get it the correct length.

Once this is completely dry, turn the platform on its back and glue the legs in place sticking up. This is a difficult process and the legs will sway. I suggest propping them in place with other objects.

Once completely dry you can glue the tower onto the base.

Now you need to just make it pretty.

Use the railing corner from Inn Building Accessories Mold #57. Glue one to each corner of the platform. Add a long wooden beam from Wooden Plank Mold #220 in between each and then add the wooden slats from Cavern Floor Accessories #282 as pictured.

Note: I designed my as Orc towers. You could use the small planks from Wooden Plank Mold #220 if you want a more refined look for a human outpost.

The last step was to add a ladder. This was just a large plank with lots of little planks glued to create a simple ladder.

Of course you can decorate as you wish. I always suggest skulls!

Paint and play :)

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