Monday, 8 February 2016

Tomb of Horrors - Build List

I have been asked to provide a list of the material used to build the Tomb of Horrors. So here we go!
At least 50kg of Hydrastone went into this. I think. I lost count sorry.

Floor Tiles Various Sizes Mold #201

  • I wish i had 10 of these. Unfortunately i made all the floor tiles with just one of these!

Gothic Dungeon Builder #45

  • This was used to create the walls in the first half of the dungeon. 
  • This was used to create the final crypt. 

Gothic Dungeon Accessories Mold #41

  • Used very little. The final tomb contains the corner arch. 

Gothic Arena Accessories Mold #42

  • All of the columns, double doors and some dressing used in various rooms. 

Gothic Panel Accessories  Mold #4

  • I used this primarily for the statue wall feature and little golem statue. 
Gothic Additional Accessories Mold #44
  • This wasn;t necessary to the build but i did use a heap of the 1/2" wall pieces as ground pieces. Simply because i had them lying around. 
  • The floor piece with the holes was in it was used purely for decoration in the pillared hall. 
Inn Building Accessories Mold #57
  • This mold provided the double seat chairs. 
Common Inn Accessories Mold #58
  • Majority of the dungeon dressings came from this mold. 
Unique Inn Accessories Mold #59
  • Pots, urns, table dressings. 
Fieldstone Wall Mold #70
  • The second half of the dungeon used these walls. 
  • Skulls
Fieldstone Accessories Mold #71
  • Many of these doors used. 
  • The corridor inset is used in the final tomb. 
6" Round Fieldstone Mold #73 and 4" Round Fieldstone Mold #72
  • Used to create rounded wall and floor effect in the final tomb. 
Rock Cavern Root Mold #83 and Rock Cavern Pillar Mold #84
  • Used in the Siren grotto. 
Cavern Floor Mold #281
  • Used to make the floor in the Siren grotto. 
Cavern Accessory Mold #85
  • Used for chests and dungeon dressing. 
Cavern Floor Accessories #282
  • Used for treasure chests and gold piles. 

Mold #3 – Rags and Riches
  • Used for dungeon dressing. 
Mold #2 – Floor Accessory Mold
  • Used for dungeon dressing. 
  • Used for the tapestries. 

G08 - Lava / Worn Ground Terrain - Silicone Mold and G06 - Lava / Worn Ground Terrain - Silicone Mold
  • Everything is based on this to enable me to add 3d traps and features below floor level. Such as the pit trap. 
  • Lots and lots of glue.
The Daemon head was sculpted by me out of Green-stuff. I made a mold of it and made casts out of Hydrastone. 

Black paint for undercoat
Grey paint for dry brush 
Various other paint used for details. 

Some wall features were printed and cut out on 200 g/m2 paper. 
Fishing wire was used in the fountain. 

All models seen so far are Reaper Bones. I have also used some GW Dark Elves. 


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