Saturday, 16 January 2016

Tutorial: Corridor Spike Traps

Tutorial: Corridor Spike Traps

Spike traps are always fun, whether the players know they are there or not.

This particular type is used in corridors. I either lay it down as a visible challenge or swap out another corridor piece with this once the players spring the trap.

  1. Start by gluing floor tiles to your foam base. Do not glue the the middle floor tiles however. I still place them on the board when building to ensure the shape and size is correct. 
  2. Glue your walls in place. Remove the unglued floor pieces. 
    • In this example I make a 30" pit of spikes. 
  3. Clean up your base by cutting away the unnecessary foam. 
  4. USE CAUTION - Use a heat source to melt the foam base where the pit will be. I use a heat gun which is perfect. This lets me safely direct the heat where i need it. You could use a match etc but this is more dangerous. Make sure you do this outdoors to ensure ventilation as the fumes are toxic. Don't burn all the way through. Just deep enough to simulate the pit. 
  5. Using spiky tooth picks put a series of holes in the foam where the spits will go. 
  6. Snap tooth picks to size and place them in the holes. 
  7. Water down some craft glue and pour it around the spikes. This will dry and hold them securely in place. 
  8. Once dry you can proceed to paint your new trap!
    • \

TIP: Check out the rules of the system you are playing and ensure your pits are too far for a normal character to jump over. 

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