Sunday, 6 November 2016

Hero Lab - Player Character Creation Software - A Player Tour for D&D5e

Many would argue that you don't need software to assist with the creation of Player Characters (PCs) in D&D 5e. And they are correct, you don't... I do however want software to assist the the creation of PC's.

I spend quite a bit of time playing with brand new people. My ground and I have only been playing for around two years. We are surrounded by people who love board games but have never played a table-top RPG. These are the type of people that want to come to the table and try it, but don't necessarily want to read the Player Hand Book prior to trying it for the first time.

This is where Hero Lab shines in my opinion. I can sit a player in front of my PC for a few minutes and quickly whip them up a character in a method that feels familiar to the new player as it follows a similar process to many RPG video games.

Then I simply print the sheet out for them and it comes with all the descriptions for spells and abilities. I can't stress how much simpler this is for introducing new people to the game.

It's not just handy to new players though. My experienced players love using it as it reduces the down-time at the table usually involved with people having to stop and look up rules from within the books.

Check it out below.

If you decide to pick up Hero Lab for 5e be sure to get the D&D 5e Community Pack.

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