Sunday, 7 February 2016

Cheap Miniatures - Where I Get Them

I see this question come up on Facebook groups quite often. People are either new to the hobby or are transferring from Theater of the Mind to Mini and Grid based play.

I never played Theater of the Mind style. I cam from a 40k background and the concept of not having miniatures simply confused me.

Needless to say I went hunting for miniatures. I knew I would need a large variety and I also knew that if I tried to make my collection from Warhammer models that I would likely end up divorced due to the cost issues.

This is where I discovered Reaper Bones!

Bones are a range of miniatures that Reaper creates. They run Kickstarter campaigns to move their current vast metal mini line to cheaper plastic copies.

Now to be completely clear. These miniatures are not as detailed as Games Workshop mini's. GW is pristine, lovely to paint, lovely to build and it scares the shit out of me whenever my 2 year old goes anywhere near them.

See that's the problem. I'm sure many of you have seen the LEGO movie. I absolutely shuddered at the end. Because you don't let kids play with a 12,000 point Ork army. Not unless your restrained in the corner crying.

This is where Reaper Bones came to the rescue. They are made of plastic and you can throw them across the room and they will simply bounce. They are also cheap, like really cheap. So cheap that I think back to the 12,000 point Ork army and I cry and hope my wife never finds out just how much that army is really worth.

There is currently a new Kickstarter for Reaper Bones III. They are still taking late pledges so if you are in need of models I suggest heading on over to check out all the amazing models you can get for bugger all money.

They offer a wide range of miniatures that cover of all your hero and monster needs and they even have some terrain and fluff pieces for your dungeons.

There is nothing more exciting than opening those Kickstarter Bones boxes!

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