Sunday, 10 January 2016

Overview of Progress in 2015

2015 was such an incredible busy year. It's the year i started this project and hopefully the year of the greatest outlay in mold costs. 

The photo's below were taken on new year's eve to show all of the terrain i completed that year. It's something i wanted to do to give me an idea of what else i want to make. Unfortunately the answer was 'A LOT'.

I have received alot of feedback on the lack of painted models. Lets just say its easier to dry-brush terrain than it is to paint miniatures with a 2 year old sitting next to you. 

All pieces are based on 1" thick high density foam enabling some pieces to take on 3d features such as holes, pit traps, water bodies etc. 

The standard modular pieces are 5" x 5". I have tried to follow this standard for the majority of the project but there are some custom pieces that follow their own rules. 
Corridors are generally 3" wide with varied length's.
Majority of the plaster work is made with Hydrastone (10,000 psi). I played around with Dental Plaster but found that it chips quite easily. Hydrastone is quite heavy and has survived my 2 year old daughter getting to it with her barbies.
Molds used:

Gothic Dungeon Accessories Mold #41
Gothic Arena Accessories Mold #42
Gothic Panel Accessories Mold #43
Gothic Additional Accessories Mold #44
Gothic Dungeon Builder #45
Inn Building Accessories Mold #57
Common Inn Accessories Mold #58
Unique Inn Accessories Mold #59
Fieldstone Wall Mold #70
Fieldstone Accessories Mold #71
Rock Cavern Root Mold #83
Rock Cavern Pillar Mold #84
Cavern Accessory Mold #85
Egyptian Tower Mold #93
Floor Tiles Various Sizes Mold #201
Wooden Plank Mold #220
Inn Floor Mold #221
Wood Shingle Roof Mold #240
Cavern Floor Mold #281
Cavern Floor Accessories #282

G06 - Lava / Worn Ground Terrain
G05 - Lava / Worn Ground Terrain

Mold #1 – Cloth Mold
Mold #2 – Floor Accessory Mold
Mold #3 – Rags and Riches

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